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Are you ready to take your WordPress website to the next level? Look no further than’s Managed WordPress Hosting. We’ve redefined what exceptional hosting means, and we’re here to make your website thrive.

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The world's leading brands rely on WPON's optimized WordPress hosting; join them and accelerate your site today!

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We've redefined what exceptional hosting means, and we're here to make your website thrive.

Say goodbye to sluggish loading times. We harness the power of LiteSpeed to ensure your website loads at warp speed, keeping your visitors engaged.

Experience hosting on the best-in-class hardware, including the mighty Ryzen 9 processors, DDR5 RAM, PCIe Gen4 NVMe SSDs, and 20GB/s network uplink.

WordPress hosting offers a competitive advantage.

LiteSpeed Enterprise Web Server accelerates WordPress and PHP-based websites. It is up to nine times quicker than Apache, five times faster than Nginx, fifty percent faster than PHP, and three times faster in SSL.

Experience hosting on the best-in-class hardware, including the mighty Ryzen 9 processors, DDR5 RAM, PCIe Gen4 NVMe SSDs, and 20GB/s network uplink. Your website will be running on the latest technology for top-notch performance.

When compared to standard SSD or HDD-based hosting, NVMe SSD Hosting allows your websites to load faster. It can regularly give high performance and traffic. It provides speed and data security that traditional hosting cannot match.

DirectAdmin is the most widely used hosting control panel, and it provides the most user-friendly and functional hosting interface accessible. DirectAdmin allows you to configure all of your emails, FTP, PHP settings, and MySQL databases.

We utilise JetBackup to create daily backups of your complete hosting account and store them on remote servers located in geographically diverse data centres. Up to 30 backups can be made and stored for up to 30 days.

Ironclad protects against exploits, backdoors, zero-day attacks, malicious PHP scripts, XSS hacks, SQL injection, and other hacking tactics. It performs real-time scans to detect and remove malware, viruses, and corrupted files.

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WordPress Hosting Features

WPON has features like Auto Upgrade, Cloning, Staging, Remote Import, Backups, Restore and more which helps you in maintaining your WordPress with ease.

Rapid Deployment

Forget about manually installing WordPress. The sooner you launch your site, the sooner you can begin making money.

WordPress Staging

With our WordPress Staging tool, you can easily test and deploy updates to your site without your audience knowing.

WordPress Acceleration

Our platform enables you to use LiteSpeed's LS Cache for WordPress plugin, which allows your WordPress website to perform its functions 4X faster.

PHP Versions

Use the most recent PHP version to improve the health of your website. Easily switch between PHP engines with 8.0, 8.1, and 8.2 accessible in all scenarios!

Free Migration Tools

Trust in a simple and straightforward approach to relocate your website with minimal downtime. There is also assistance readily available.

Free WordPress Themes

Save time and money by using free WordPress custom themes and templates to design your website.

The Simplest Way to Migrate Your WordPress Website

It is simpler than you think to transfer your website to a new hosting provider. When you pick up any web hosting package from us, our professionals will do it for free. Let us do the work while you relax with a cool one.

Step 01


Log in to the billing dashboard.

Step 02

Submit a Support Ticket

Go to the ticket area and select the migration department.

Step 03

Choose Migrations

Provide us with your WordPress details.

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The cost-effective, cutting-edge power, versatility, and performance.

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Reviews from our clients

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I was most impressed by the awesome speed, coming from an earlier host, it felt like I was editing my WordPress site locally instead of in a web browser - they really are that fast! What I'm also looking for when choosing a hosting service is scalability, and they have it! If you grow, they can help you expand your site, blog or store - whatever you're hosting - they will be able to fulfil your needs!
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WordPress Dev
Quote Asset 3.png
WPON managed hosting is fantastic when it comes to speed and reliability. I migrated all my WordPress sites from HostArmada to WPON and witnessed a 4x speed increase according to the benchmark test results. My admin backend becomes so speedy and much more enjoyable to work with. I'm also migrating my shopify store with 2.000+ products to WooCommerce hosted on WPON while writing this review.
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Eddy Chandra
Woo Shop Owner
Quote Asset 3.png
Unparalleled support and trustworthy hosting. Wpon has given solid WordPress hosting as well as some of the greatest technical help I've ever had from any company. Things can go wrong with your website, and it's difficult to prevent this 100% of the time. So having an incredibly prompt and dedicated support staff has made it simple to fix issues major and small. I would strongly recommend Wpon to designers, developers, and agencies looking to collaborate with a truly exceptional company.
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Markian Preston
Quote Asset 3.png
Wpon has taken care of many of the details that irritate me as a WordPress developer. CDN, SSL, local environment configuration, deployment, and publishing from Staging to Production are all possible. I've used numerous hosts in the past, but Wpon has quickly become my favourite. Wpon is lightning fast and has everything I needed to get a rebuild up and running in approximately a week. Now my search console is all green, and my organic traffic is steadily increasing.
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Sammy Josse

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